Exploring Our Community

At TOTally Kids we believe it is both beneficial and great fun to allow the opportunity for children to explore our community, both locally and the wider Auckland region. We regularly arrange excursions that may involve an age group within at centre or the whole centre.

Excursions may be either half day or full day outings. Our local trips generally involve going to nearby places such as parks, libraries, schools, etc. We also visit other interesting places such as the zoo, fire stations, festivals, railway stations and the museum.

Depending on where we are going and the number of attendees we may travel via public bus and/or train or private bus. Trips are generally free of charge, however very occasionally we may charge a small fee to help cover cost rather than including this in fees. We also welcome parents on our full centre trips, should you wish to come along and spend a day out with your child.

These trips and excursions are open to all age groups, toddlers and pre-schoolers.