At ToTally Kids we aim to provide the best care and education to every child, supporting them in growing up as confident and competent learners.

We recognise parents as children’s first teacher, with the aim of working in collaboration with parents and whanaū to help enhance children’s unique learning journey. Our small Centre acts as an extended family, enabling us to create strong relationships with children, parents, whanaū and the local community.

Our play-based approach aligns with Te Whāriki, New Zealand’s early childhood curriculum. Children are given free choice in an environment that is responsive, respectful and receptive to children’s physical and emotional well-being.

We have an open-door policy, welcoming and encouraging parents, whanaū, and the local community to be involved with our Centre.

Our Staff

We respect a child’s early years to be very important in their development. Our qualified and caring educators ensure your child receives the best start in life. They strive to turn learning into an adventure for your child, with hands-on experiences forming an integral part of this journey.

All of our teachers responsible hold current first-aid certificates. programme teachers regularly participate in on-going professional development courses. The teaching practice is further enhanced through current research, theory and practice, and ensuring that the centre is well-resourced with the latest learning tools. Quality ratios and staff qualifications as determined by the Ministry of Education are maintained.

Our Centre

TOTally KIDS childcare center provides a warm, nurturing environment and a homely feel and has been a lovely learning environment for many children in the New Lynn, Green Bay, Titirangi and Blockhouse Bay areas over its 20 years.

As a boutique centre TOTally Kids is perfect for aiding children settle into a childcare environment without being overwhelmed. Pre-visits are encouraged during this period and help your child settle into the centre’s rhythms and routines seamlessly.

Our light and spacious centre is well-resourced with the latest learning tools to stimulate young minds in a fun and creative manner. Emphasis is laid on quality equipment to suit every age and stage of your child’s development. We also believe in promoting technological competency and allow children access to tablets, laptops and a desktop computer as part of the Transition to School Programme. If you wish to learn about our cyber-safety policy it can be found here.

Backing into Cutler Park is a big boon for our kids, who enjoy regular visits to the park for play and exploration – a unique addition to our own outdoor play environment. In fact,learning about natural environment is an important and much-loved part of our programme.

We have a ‘Secret Garden’ and planter boxes around the centre that help hone our children’s green fingers. They grow their own fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers. In addition to this, all biodegradable waste is composted in compost bins and the ensuing mulch is used by the children when planting their flora. The children love their ‘garden’ and take pride in caring for it.

Fresh Food and nutrition

At TOTally Kids we serve fresh and delicious food every day, prepared in-house by our cook. At our early childhood day care we firmly believe that encouraging healthy eating habits at a young age will reap benefits of a lifetime.

We provide three meals per day, Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea. If your child has special dietary requirements or exclusions let us know and we can accommodate these. An allergy/dietary restriction sheet is kept in full view in the kitchens so you can be assured that our cooks know about all dietary needs at all times.